<span class="hpt_headertitle">Our Farm</span>

Our Farm

What we are doing

Outback Orchards is building a holistic ecosystem which combines
components of traditional farming with regenerative systems.

We raise rabbits, chickens, turkey, and quail. And we’re expanding to include goats, sheep, and pigs. All of the animal shelters serve multiple functions, including roof-top-gardens for easy access to food and rain collection.

We maintain a large garden of perennials, annuals, fruit trees and berry bushes. In 2020-2021 we partnered with The Harvest Collective, whose volunteers created a sustainable urban forest, primarily built on bio-swales. They planted and mulched ditches following the contours of the land to slow the flow of water, giving it time to infiltrate the soil.

As our signature effort, community-building links our activities and opens opportunities for community participation in so many areas. Music events, art projects, potlucks, fire circles and education are all part of our experience. The energy generated provides for deep and sustaining relationships and possibilities. Sharing ideas feeds our commitment. Transparency builds our trust.

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